Christian County Library will place requests for inter-library loan for materials not owned by library for individual with library accounts who do not owe late fees or charges for lost or damaged materials. Collection development staff will decide whether to order for purchase or request on loan each item requested. As libraries do not lend recently published materials, requests will not be submitted for anything published less than six months before the request. Libraries owning items will set their own policies on what may or may not circulate to their own patrons or be eligible for inter-library loans. Patrons must pace their own requests rather than asking staff to maintain “want-lists” for them. All verifiable and eligible requests submitted will be placed and patrons notified of arriving loans as quickly as possible. Prompt pick-up is advised. Due dates set by lending library are not altered by a patron’s delayed pick-up. Individuals placing more than five inter-library loan requests within any one-month period will be charged postage on the sixth and additional loans. Any other costs charged Christian County Library by lending library will be passed on to the patron placing the request. Renewals may be requested. The decision on permitting renewal will be that of the lending library. Lost or damaged loans will be charged by lending library, and Christian County Library will pass charge on to patron. Christian County Library reserves right to refuse inter-library loan privileges to individuals who repeatedly fail to pick up inter-library loan items.

Inter-Library Loan Policy Adopted and Last Updated 9 April 1987